Public health academics

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This information has been informed by NHS Health Careers

Public health academics influence and guide policy-makers in tackling public health challenges, professional practice and research. Their research focuses on investigating how to address public health issues and they work across all three 'domains' of public health: health improvement; health protection; and healthcare public health.

As well as undertaking research, these academics often engage in teaching and education and are usually employed by higher education institutions.

Entry requirements

With a degree, or equivalent professional qualification, in a relevant subject area, it may be possible to join a grant-funded research project and work towards a postgraduate qualification in a public health related area at the host institution.

To obtain a first lecturing position, you would require a postgraduate qualification, or equivalent, in public health or a related subject, together with some experience of working in the field of public health, and preferably some published academic work.

To progress further in your career, you may need to acquire a higher education teaching qualification and would need to develop a record of teaching across the subject area, a publication record in peer reviewed academic journals, and more extensive experience of working in public health.


There are various roles within public health from academic clinical fellowships in public health to clinical lectureships. The NHS Health careers website provides examples of the variety of academic public health roles available.

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