EDI Studies and Reports

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Gender Inequalities in Clinical Academic Careers - This study aims to identify the barriers and facilitators to equality in clinical academic careers and the interventions to address these, with a focus on gender inequality.

NIHR Diversity Data Report (2021) – This is the first formal report of diversity data in who receives NIHR funding. It represents an initial baseline that will form the benchmark for further reporting that will form the basis for the continual development of our EDI strategy.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the research activity and working experience of clinical academics, with a focus on gender and ethnicity: a qualitative study in the UK

A qualitative study exploring experiences and challenges of combining clinical academic training with family life - This study explores the pressures of combining clinical academic roles with family life, particularly those with caring responsibilities.

Factors impacting on retention, success and equitable participation in clinical academic careers: a scoping review and meta-thematic synthesis - This study reviews current evidence on the factors that affect recruitment, retention, participation and progression within the clinical academic pathway, with a focus on protected characteristics including gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.