Developing your career

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When starting out in research, it can be difficult to find support in where to start and how to develop your skills. INCEPT (clINical aCademia Elearning PlaTform) is a new freely accessible online e-learning platform, designed for and with students to facilitate engagement in clinical academia. While catered towards medical students, the information in this resource is open to all students across disciplines who are interested in clinical academia.  

You can find examples of some of the advice from INCEPT on the pages in this section (picking a supervisor, balancing your career).

Examples of courses include:

  • Getting your foot in the door: How can you get started?
  • The eternal question: To intercalate or not to intercalate?
  • Making the most of your research
  • You've only gone and done research! (Now what? ...)
  • How to write a good conference abstract
  • How to make a good poster


Each course on INCEPT has easy to follow, bite size sub-modules which can be completed at each individual’s desired pace. This aims to take people through the need-to-know aspects of the topics, building up from the core concepts. This platform will help equip users with information regarding the multitude of career opportunities available as well as the fundamental knowledge and skills needed when undertaking their own research projects.

The modules have initially focused on three priority areas:

  1. Clinical academic career pathways.
  2. Study design and appraisal.
  3. Data analysis.

Further modules are being developed based on the learning needs identified by students in post-module feedback.