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Will my two employers work together?

Yes. The Follett principles, published in 2001, arose from "A Review of Appraisal, Disciplinary and Reporting Arrangements for Senior NHS and University Staff with Academic and Clinical Duties" by Professor Sir Brian Follett and Michael Paulson-Ellis. Universities and NHS trusts still adhere to the principles. In essence, Follett underscored that a clinical academic job is one job with integrated (clinical and academic) responsibilities. As such, it requires joint working between the two employers in order to integrate those clinical and academic responsibilities. The Follett principles strongly recommend that university and NHS employers work together to undertake:

  • Joint recruitment and appointment
  • Joint job planning
  • Joint appraisal

This helps to avoid a situation where the two parts of the role compete against each other, and that sufficient time and resource is allocated to both parts.


  • NHS Employers - includes a link to a Follett checklist, and guidance on joint job planning
  • BMA

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