Industry collaboration

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There is the option for clinical academics to take on roles within industry, such as conducting research for pharmaceuticals or technology companies. Often these posts would be undertaken in the form of a secondment during specialist training, typically as an out of programme year. These roles are particularly suited to medicine or clinical pharmacy, although opportunities exist for other disciplines too.

These tend to bespoke posts attained through contacts and networking, rather than though an established formal programme. If you are interested in working with industry it is a good idea to be proactive – make contacts with companies with ideas for collaborations, or try and attend conferences in sectors you find interesting.

For clinical academics at consultant level there are more options for industry secondments – again usually bespoke in nature. Many clinical academics interact with industry more and more as they become more senior, which can lead to formal job offers.

It is important to remember that opportunities to move between industry and academia are two-way - you have the option of working in an industry post for a time and then returning to an academic role.

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